Small Brazilian church builds radio station to reach a hostile hometown

By August 16, 2010

Brazil (MNN) — It's not easy to minister to a city filled with people who believe the Gospel to be nothing more than a book of lies and the church to be a source of injustice. Such is the town of St. Vincent's Village, however, and Christians have to work with what they've got.

There are few believers in St. Vincent's Village. Forty percent of the population is under 18 and willing to accept a life on the streets as a drug trafficker, prostitute or criminal.

Despite the hostile atmosphere, native believers are determined to speak the Truth and tell people what Christ has done in their own lives. Since few seem ready to listen, these believers have redirected their passion to tell the story by using a different form of communication.

The small church in St. Vincent's Village has decided to build an FM radio station with the help of Avant Ministries. The station will be manned completely by volunteers from the church and will reach the town in a different way than they've been reached before. As people are able to hear the Gospel over and over, and as it is presented in the privacy of their own homes, they hopefully will be more apt to respond.

The running costs of the station will actually be relatively few. The church has access to free Christian radio programs in Portuguese and will not need to pay its employees since it will be run by volunteers. Unfortunately, the initial start-up fees to create such a station are not so minimal.

The initial cost to cover a license, a transmitter, solar panels and all other necessary equipment is $25,000. The church needs your help to cover these costs. Some businessmen have agreed to pay a matching grant, so every dollar donated will be doubled. Give $10, and the station gets $20; give $50, and they get $100.

As people come to know the Lord by listening to this radio station, if they have questions about Christ, the Christians from this small Brazilian church will be ready and available for follow up. If you would like to help this church in their endeavor to turn around a lost community, give to Avant Ministries and indicate that the gift is for project 71732: St. Vincent's Village Radio.

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