Our own Greg Yoder heads to Russia with Orphan Outreach

By August 16, 2010

Russia (MNN) — On the heels of our series about the
hardships and negative influences the youth of the former Soviet Union face,
our own Greg Yoder is currently in St. Petersburg, Russia to lend a hand in these kids'
quest for hope.

Arriving on August 14 and serving with Orphan Outreach, a
team of 21 Mission Network News and WAY FM listeners are at a Russian orphanage sharing Christ's love in whatever way they can.

Yoder said, "With HIV/AIDS a pandemic throughout the former Soviet Union, and drug abuse increasing– especially among orphans, it's believed that most of these kids will either end up on the street,
in prostitution, involved in organized crime, or dead by the time they're 18.
So we're going to just love on the kids, do Vacation Bible School, [and] play
games with them."

Currently, summer camps are in progress throughout Russia. Because
of this, Yoder said they will actually be able to minister to kids from two
other orphanages, in addition to the one they will be visiting.

Able to reach more kids than if the trip were scheduled for
another time, the team hopes Christ's love will shine through all of their
actions before they depart the country on August 22.

Join the team in prayer: "Because we're going to love on them and share Jesus with them–of course we'll
have the local church with us as well–we're praying that they'll see that love and want it
and desire it; and perhaps they'll get involved in the local church,"
Yoder said.

As the team will be intentional in each of their actions, they also
pray that the appeal of Christ's love will dissuade orphans teens from choosing life styles
of prostitution, drug abuse, or crime, like so many of their peers have chosen.

Click here for Yoder's itinerary and more details about what they
will be doing in Russia.

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