Sowing Gospel hope in the hard ground of Morocco’s quake zone

By September 19, 2023

Morocco (MNN) — It’s been over a week since a 6.8-magnitude earthquake killed more than 3,000 people in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Now, Trans World Radio (TWR) is in the quake zone offering encouragement through Scripture on SD cards.

Morocco is very hard ground to sow the Gospel. Islam is the official state religion, and Moroccan Christians face severe persecution. Yet, Morocco needs Jesus Christ more than ever.

TWR’s Arabic Ministries Director Brother N* says, “You cannot really bring hope to a lady who has lost a child or husband or a loved one by your own strength. You need the work of the Holy Spirit. You need the Word of God, the Word of truth to speak to people.

Morocco flag (Photo courtesy of Tigmi Moiz/Unsplash)

“Our role is just to make this Word of God available to them in such situations in the language and context that they can read, understand, and listen; and ultimately, those true seekers will respond.”

TWR’s team plans to provide biblical encouragement to Morocco’s quake survivors for the long-term. “It will continue for at least several months until people are kind of recovered to some extent, so pray for resources as well.”

Also, “Pray for the teams that are working on the ground trying to provide physical help and meet peoples needs because many are living in the streets [and] are afraid for the aftermath.”

Brother N says, “We are really blessed to have been doing this for so many years and could see how God really is using media as a powerful tool to speak the Word of God, speak hope to people and tell them that you have hope not only in this life but also for eternity as well.”

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Header photo courtesy of TWR.

*Name withheld for security.