Spain continues to mourn; Christian radio teams remain ready to minister.

By March 15, 2004

Spain (MNN)–International security rose following a deadly terrorist bombing in Madrid, Spain last week.

The incident has been a huge shock to the nation and a huge wake-up call to the potential of terrorism. The attack killed nearly 200 people, left over a thousand injured and many facing questions about their own mortality.

Trans World Radio’s David McCreary says their ministry will provide some of those answers along with stability. They’ll continue broadcasting Bible teaching programs on a partner network. “We just will continue to broadcast our programming from this network, so we don’t really think that there are any security issues that will be involved there.”

The attack produced a profound sense of horror, anger and loss throughout the country. McCreary says it goes deeper than that. “There’s a spiritual vacuum that exists in Spain. It’s being filled by things like secularism, materialism and drugs, even gambling. The evangelical community there is quite small, and that’s why we feel like radio is so important and can be so effective.”

TWR’s vision is to reach the world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced.

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