Special English serves as a bridge to Christ.

By June 22, 2005

International (MNN)–Words of Hope and Feba Radio are seeing a growing audience as the result of a project aimed at helping international listeners practice their English.

It’s a radio program is called ‘Spotlight.’ Each 15-minute broadcast draws from a vocabulary of about 1500 words. Hosts speak at about 90 words a minute, about half the normal speaking speed, using short, simple sentences.

While not overtly evangelistic, it is a bridge between the Christian worldview and the worldview of the listener. It allows the listener, who wants to practice English to listen in, and improve their listening and speaking skills.

Throughout the developing world, English is seen as a way through poverty into business, education or other things. As a result, the desire to learn English has grown dramatically, but the resources are few.

In the five years since its beginning, ‘Spotlight’ has found a place in Albania. Because there is nothing else like in it the market, despite its Christian content, the program is one of the most popular offerings on Radio 7.

Elsewhere, in Quito, Ecuador, broadcasters are using the program to connect listeners to the church on the ground. In fact, they’ve formed a listeners’ club, which meets weekly. They help listeners practice their English, but also direct members into local English-speaking churches and Bible studies.

It’s meeting people’s needs…and offering hope alongside. The program airs on more than 50 stations across six continents.

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