Spectrum Health, International Aid join forces

By June 16, 2004

USA (MNN)–An underdeveloped baby born in a Kenyan hospital too soon–the attending doctor faced with the need for an incubator to save the new life–and also faced with the reality that there isn’t one anywhere in the area. That’s the dilemma a new partnership is meant to answer.

A hospital system in Grand Rapids, Michigan is collaborating with Christian relief and development group, International Aid. It’s a new partnership entered two weeks ago and it has international possibilities.

IA’s president Myles Fish explains the partnership with Spectrum Health. “This is a relationship that we think has benefits for both parties. On our side, we are going to be the point of distribution for all of their used and/or surplus medical equipment and medical supplies. On the Spectrum side, it’s challenging for hospital systems to know what to do with their surplus.”

International Aid uses the donated medical equipment and supplies for relief efforts around the world. The organization repairs and/or reconditions devices, converts power to meet electrical requirements and offers assistance with installation when necessary.

In the Third World, lack of medical equipment and supplies thwarts the healing process, and Fish says this project enhances their ministry vision. “International Aid is now one of the foremost distributors of refurbished medical equipment to the developing world. So, this is a source for us that will enable us to support hospitals and clinics, literally, in 170 different countries.”

The equipment and supplies will be shipped to mission clinics and hospitals, or sent along with physicians and nurses on medical mission trips. International Aid will also provide equipment, supplies, orientation training and documentation advice for Spectrum Health medical staff and employees who are planning mission trips worldwide.
International Aid is dedicated to mobilizing believers to extend Christ’s love and mercy to those who suffer.

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