Spring Love Festival comes to Ho Chi Minh City

By March 3, 2023

Vietnam (MNN) — An event paused for three years finally takes place in Vietnam this weekend.

The Spring Love Festival with Franklin Graham is coming to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. Bibles For The World will be there, too, with Scripture in hand.

Reid Saunders Association Christmas festival in early December 2022. New Testaments for the new believers are in the red bags, as proscribed/desired by festival organizers.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Bibles For The World)

“We are going to [provide] a Gospel of John to everyone who attends those two nights of events,” Bibles For The World President John Pudaite says.

“We’ve also printed 20,000 New Testaments with Psalms and Proverbs, which will be given to those who accept the invitation to receive Christ as their personal Savior.”

Coordinating an event like this was no small feat. First, organizers had to get permission from the government. “Vietnam is a strong communist government, but it’s moving from trying to control what’s going on to managing it,” Pudaite says.

“[Government officials] see (spiritual) things happening, but they also see Christians as good citizens.”

Then came the logistics. Hundreds of Vietnamese churches “have been working hard to promote the event in advance, and [they] will be bringing down busloads of people from their communities, people they’ve been trying to reach with the Gospel,” Pudaite says.

Now, it’s all up to the Holy Spirit. “Pray that God will bring it (the outcome) together according to His will and divine plan,” Pudaite says.

Pray the Lord will also protect volunteers traveling to Vietnam from India. “Right now, we’ve got 10 or 11 [volunteers] coming down to join us,” Pudaite says.

“It’s always wonderful to see the body of Christ coming from different nations and backgrounds to share the joy, the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.”




Header and photo images courtesy of Bibles For The World.

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