Sri Lanka assassination affects Christian work.

By August 17, 2005

Sri Lanka (MNN)–Gospel For Asia’s teams are feeling the effects of the assassination of the Sri Lankan foreign minister.

“Some roads are closed and every vehicle is being searched,” explained GFA’s Sri Lanka ministry leader. “But this is normal in these situations.”

The biggest problem is the pressure on their project in the Batticaloa area. That project is in the eastern area of the country, an area controlled by the Tamil Tigers.

The government invoked emergency powers that provide broad, sweeping authority in the hunt for the rebel Tigers.

Some GFA leaders feel these powers could actually be used as a way to hamper evangelism and other church work.

“We continue to pray for peace to come to the nation of Sri Lanka, and we trust that Christians will remain free to share the Good News with their countrymen,” said GFA President K.P. Yohannan from his office in South India.

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