Story number 1 for 10 May 2002

By May 10, 2002

(Afghanistan)–Headlining today’s news, while the war on terrorism is all but won in Afghanistan, the scourge of war is still weighing heavy on that Islamic land. Medical Ambassadors International’s Paul Calhoun just returned from Afghanistan. He says they’re planning to establish Community Health Education, or CHE. “As we enable communities to mobilize and help themselves, we then also teach moral principles using Old Testament characters and then seekers inevitably are drawn by the Holy Spirit. And, we take those people privately aside and share the hope of the Gospel.” Calhoun says government health leaders like the program and would like Medical Ambassadors to conduct seminars in the fall, but prayer is needed. “One of the important things is that this interim government is re-elected this June. I believe this Karzai government stands in a position to affect peace in this very war torn nation.”

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