Story number 1 for 11 Feb 2002

By February 11, 2002

(India)–India tops our newscast today. Late last year, reports began to trickle into the United States about an event that involved the lowest Hindu caste, Dalit. Word was that millions were planning on rejecting Hinduism, and were looking to embrace another faith. G.V. Mathai says, in reality, the event was a big publicity stunt. “That publicity created a lot of problems in India. The government is so mad at that-Christians making this kind of publicity-it’s turning against us. They say that people are making publicity in America which is not true.” However, Mathai says that many are open to the Gospel. The Mission is holding two sets of evangelistic meetings this month. “Keep rejoicing in the fact that the Lord is doing a great work in India, in spite of some spontaneous difficult situations. But, the Christians still are enjoying their freedom. Even with the persecution, the word is getting out and people are converting.”

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