Story number 1 for 12 Mar 2002

By March 12, 2002

(Kenya)–Topping the news, El Nino may be coming back for a visit. The last time the weather phenomenon cast its shadow over Kenya, it was devastating. The outlook is especially sobering in areas where prolonged drought conditions have already caused considerable hardship for people. That’s where World Concern’s work comes in. Director of International Operations, Al York. “The development process is not such that they’ve been able to re-establish the water points or re-establish the grazing lands in that area to sustain another severe drought. So, in the Food For Work program, what we do is provide food for people that are doing work within their community.” York says their work allows believers to share their hope. “The partners for implementing these programs include twelve church agencies and mission agencies. So, it’s an opportunity to get out there and demonstrate Christ’s love.” York encourages others to get involved in this project. See their website for more details at:

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