Story number 1 for 13 Jan 2003

By January 13, 2003

(India)–In the headlines, Tamil Nadu’s controversial anti-conversion law is being challenged in India’s High Court. The appeal reportedly cites the oppression suffered by the Dalits as the reason why the group abandoned Hinduism and embraced other faiths. Bibles For the World’s Rochunga Pudaite says there is growing pressure to throw the law out. “The Christians are really protesting right now. Even the newspapers are protesting, and the leader of the untouchables has been calling this the most undemocratic law that has ever been passed. He has been really protesting against it, too. So, let’s pray and join with them, that by the grace of God, the law would be reversed.” Pudaite says the atmosphere has forced them to scale back. “In the law, even providing Bibles is to be considered as inducement. We are working very circumspectly and not doing as much as we had been doing. But, I think the law will be overturned and we will be able to do a much bigger job than we have ever done before.”

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