Story number 1 for 13 Jul 2000

By July 13, 2000

We begin today in Indonesia where the ravaged attacks against Christians continue in what’s being called an Islamic holy war. President of Open Doors Ministries U-S-A Terry Madison says two of their staff members were caught up in the violence in Ambon. “We had a young couple who were just returning to Indonesia where they conduct seminars for church leaders on how to face persecution. And, as they returned from their honeymoon they stepped right into the ongoing nightmare that’s taking place in Ambon. And, they literally had to flee for their lives with only their clothes on their back.” Madison says the situation is bleak for Christians there. “So bleak, that the Jihad army, these young terrorists have proudly announced that by the end of this year there will be no Christmas celebration because they will have driven out all Christians, either killed them or driven them out.” Madison says despite the violence people are turning to Christ for answers.

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