Story number 1 for 14 Apr 2003

By April 14, 2003

(Iraq) — We begin today in Iraq where coalition forces essentially ended the regime of Saddam Hussein. However, Christian radio is playing an important part in helping the Iraqi people. Words of Hope‘s Vice President of Broadcasting Lee DeYoung says their Arabic broadcast is helping people during this conflict. “The main focus – the kingdom of Jesus. The kingdom of truth peace, justice, and self-giving love. A listener from south of Baghdad, a Muslim, wrote ‘thank you for letting our people know that you care. Hate and war is not of the Creator God. Your words give me hope that God will end wars and change the nature of people and the world when Issa returns.’ That’s the name for Jesus in Arabic.” DeYoung is asking people to pray that many more respond. He says Words of Hope also wants to help the Iraqi church. “Our follow up team has contact with a number of churches in Iraq and there is a commitment on our part, that as soon as possible to try to provide some aid for the needs of Christians there for the assembly of the churches in Iraq.”

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