Story number 1 for 14 Mar 2002

By March 14, 2002

(India)–In the headlines today, Gospel Revival Ministries reports that Hindu mobs are still terrorizing believers. Recent reports indicate that confrontations have resulted in severe beatings, assault and arson. GRM Native Director Simon Paul spoke to us from hiding, following his release from an area hospital. He says his mission is undeterred. “I was beaten by the people and I was hospitalized. Now, the situation is very tense, and to spread the Gospel in this area has become difficult.” Undaunted, but cautious, Simon Paul intends to stay in Gujarat until the unrest settles down, in order to encourage the Christians in their faith. “As a missionary of GRM-India, I request you all: take this message to everybody, so that we can have a blessing, and we can have a real fruit in this area among the tribes.”

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