Story number 1 for 22 Dec 1999

By December 22, 1999

We begin today in Venezuela where the death toll from mudslides and flash floods could be as high as 30,000. Officials believe the staggering numbers of the victims could make the disaster one of Latin America’s worst natural disasters of the 20th century. Trans World Radio’s Jim Munger describes the scene: “Estimates are that about 90-percent of the population was affected, houses destroyed, apartment buildings that had mud and water up to the third floor, and so forth-just massive destruction. There’s state of panic, of despair-and so Trans World Radio is trying to help to bring people back together to direct them to where they can find help.” Munger says it is in this crisis, that an avenue for ministry is clear. ” There are very few voices that are giving the Christian perspective on this and so,Trans World Radio is trying to provide a perspective that helps people understand ‘What’s God doing in all of this?’ Certainly, the most important thing is our prayers. In this kind of a situation, there are some people that are saying ‘Why?'”

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