Story number 1 for 22 Nov 2001

By November 22, 2001

(Lebanon)–Our newscast begins today in the Middle East, where peace efforts are shaky at best. Habitat For Humanity International’s Kim Moore says they’ve recently made forays for a partnership project in Lebanon. The area is racked not only with continued violence, but also a failing economy. Moore says those reasons all played a part in their decision to work there. “They endured a 20-year civil war. But, they also have a history of different faiths cooperating with each other. So, we’re hoping that Muslims and Christians can go in an help each other build up new neighborhoods.” Moore adds that through the difficult times faced in the Middle East, there are ways other believers can assist the evangelistic part of the outreach. “They can start with something as simple as prayer. At almost every house dedication, we hand out Bibles and we certainly pray with the home owner. Through our work we’re able to show them that God loves them.”

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