Story number 4 for 22 Nov 2001

By November 22, 2001

(China)–In a related story, a Christian agency is getting ready to host a symposium in Nanjing. China Partner says the meeting, slated for December 7-12, includes key evangelical Christian leaders from around the world, from ten different countries. China Partner’s Erik Burklin explains why this meeting is important. “The purpose of the symposium will be to gather information, to learn from the church. We will have different presentations from different leaders from the China Christian Council. There will be some dialogue and some questions and answers, obviously, so pray for this China Symposium, and then also just pray for continued open doors.” Burklin says another reason to hold the symposium was to clear up some misunderstandings. He adds that the Chinese church needs support. “A lot of evangelicals have turned their back on the registered church, sometimes, rightfully so. But, I also believe that we need to help that body of believers, especially as they’re going through some changes now.”

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