Story number 1 for 22 Sep 2000

By September 22, 2000

Headlining today’s news, the situation in Indonesia isn’t getting any better between Christians and Muslims in Ambon. Bombs and gunfire continue to wreak havoc on that area as Muslims have pledged to eradicate Christians from the island. Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Russell Rankin is there. “Ambon has been a predominately Christian island for a long time. Before this incident occurred two years ago, Christianity was rated at about 75-percent of the island. Now it’s down to about 40 to 50 percent.” Christians have either left the island or have been killed. Rankin says, however, that Christians aren’t bitter. “As one Christian leader said, it’s our responsibility. We’re not sharing the Gospel like we need to be sharing the Gospel. And, the Muslims are bring more people in, and it seem they’re more dedicated than we are. That’s what they’re saying.” However, Christians also say the church won’t be eradicated. Pray for safety and wisdom during this time of violence there.

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