Story number 1 for 23 Feb 2000

By February 23, 2000

We begin today in Mozambique where torrential rains and windstorms battered parts of Mozambique yesterday, already hit by its most devastating floods in 30 years. SIM’s Dr. Paul Hudson says the flooding has displaced up to 300-thousand people. Hudson says the local churches are finding ways to help those in need. “The church is there not just to provide only spiritual food, but really to be hands and feet and to show the love of the Lord. So, what they’re doing is actually saying how can we practically, not just help rebuild our own homes, but how can we rebuild our communities. And, in the process show the love of Christ and work with young people and preach the word.” While a specific relief plan is being developed, Hudson is asking people to respond now. “The responses would be prayer. We will be developing a project. I can’t give you specifics of the project yet, but there will be needs for funds for that.” Pray that many will come to Christ because of it.

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