Story number 1 for 24 Apr 2003

By April 24, 2003

(Burundi)–We begin today in the African country of Burundi where rebels have vowed to intensify attacks to secure a place in a transitional government. However, the mortars and fighting are only hurting civilians and crippling ministry. International Bible Society’s Alexis Harvyarimana (hahv-YAHR-nee-MAH-nah)works in Bujumbura and describes the violence. “Bombs come from the mountains. It is very difficult for us to move from a place to another. You have problems whenever you want to reach people, because they are sometime reluctant to receive the message because they are expecting us to help them materially.” Harvyarimana says it’s not all bad news however. He says the Gospel has become a source of hope to a surprising group of people. “Many of the intellectuals now are open to the Gospel, even the high leadership. There are many people who are now responding to the Gospel, which was not the case before the war.” Funding is needed to help get Scripture into their hands.

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