Story number 3 for 24 Apr 2003

By April 24, 2003

(Ukraine)–Talks on Ukraine’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which have been underway since 1994, have entered their final stage. In the process, changes in the child welfare system were among the many seen as the country buffed its image. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says that works to their benefit, too. He details their plans to continue developing the next generation. “We are working in some orphanages there in some very hands-on ways with a lot of kids and it’s just exciting to see the openness and the hunger for the Gospel.” Smith says reaching the children means community exposure to the Gospel. “We share the love of Christ with children, and as a result of caring for the kids, the whole community wants to know why we’re there and it gives us a great opportunity specifically it gives our missionaries that are there an opportunity to share the gospel with them.” Please pray that discipleship programs will be ready to help new believers.

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