Story number 1 for 24 Aug 2001

By August 24, 2001

(Sudan)–Topping today’s news, extensive flooding has reportedly aggravated chronic food shortages in northern Sudan. A poor yield was expected as the result of a late rainy season, together with large population displacement due to an escalation of the war in southern Sudan. Voice of the Martyrs’ Tom Tremble. “In the valley areas where they would normally plant the crops, they were not able to get to them to plant them because of the government of Sudan and because of the attacks. So, they’ve been driven into the Nuba mountains, into the hills, into the desolate areas where food is very sparse.” Tremble says while many of the victims are Christians, the fleeing population provides an opportunity for evangelism. “Pray for ministries like the Voice of the Martyrs, and others that are working in the Sudan, that God would open doors for us to get into where the people are in need, perhaps the greatest need, and be able to take to them a hope and an encouragement and at times, even humanitarian aid.”

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