Story number 1 for 25 Dec 2000

By December 25, 2000

Headlining today’s news a mission leader is encouraging Christians to use Christmas as a way to be re-energized to reach the lost with the Gospel. Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance says Christ was born to die for the sins of His children. Shibley says he didn’t die because he was weak. “He was crucified because he was strong and because he was perceived to be a threat to the status quo, which of course he was. In the same way, the church around the world where the church is persecuted it is not because of a weakness of the church, but rather because of its strength. And, because the church is considered a threat business as usual.” Shibley says Christians need to rest on the popular Christmas promise. “Isaiah chapter 9, of the increase of His government, of the rule of Christ over the nations, there will be no end. God the Father is passionately committed to the increase of the rule of God the son over all the nations and peoples of the earth.”

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