Story number 1 for 26 Jun 2001

By June 26, 2001

(Peru)–Topping the news, international help is being rushed to Peru following a devastating earthquake, measuring seven-point-nine on the Richter scale. The quake, believed to be the strongest in Peru for 30 years, has created a rising death toll and caused widespread damage. International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez explains what they’re doing to help. “Our initial plan is to send out a shipment of medicines and blankets, and medical kits and medical supplies. These have been the items that have been identified as urgent need in that country right now.” Enriquez says that many times disasters like this one provide a way to share the comfort of the Holy Spirit. “In times of disaster, whenever there are actions of compassion and love, these good deeds go a long way. It speaks louder than words. Whenever they see acts of mercy and compassion on them by other people, there is just this openness, and they normally ask ‘Why are you helping us?’ ”

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