Story number 1 for 27 Mar 2001

By March 27, 2001

(Sudan)–Headlining today’s news, United States Congressman Tom DeLay says persecution of Christians in Sudan is ”horrible” and the U-S must get involved. Those words are an encouragement to Todd Neddleton of Voice of the Martyrs. VOM has been helping Sudanese victims for years. “For the Republican leadership to begin speaking out, I think that’s a huge step. Now, it remains to be seen, of course, what that will mean in terms of practical help, what changes will be made in policies and in laws to facilitate that help. But, I think it’s definitely a huge step to hear someone speaking out publicly.” Neddleton says in spite of the atrocities, there’s been a huge spiritual harvest. But, that’s brought on other needs. “You have pastors with basically a high school education, if that, who are leading a church body. So, there’s a great need for discipleship programs, for pastoral training, so that the church there can continue to grow strong that they can be discipled and become strong spiritual, deeply rooted Christian people.”

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