Story number 1 for 28 Dec 2001

By December 28, 2001

(India) — We begin today’s newscast in India where troops are massing along their boarder with Pakistan. The Pakistan based terrorist attack on India’s parliament building in December is pushing the two countries to war. Operation Mobilization‘s Peter Dance says this could affect their work in the north. “Where the boarder lies between the two countries we may have difficulties in our outreach – our evangelism in Punjab and Rajasthan, we may have some there because of troop movements, but we have had very little problem in doing our ongoing evangelism. War does create a desire to ask some very serious questions.” Dance also believes the attack may affect Christian work in another way. “They are using that to bring into legislation some terrorist laws which hinder Christian work. They’re trying to stop all foreign funds which come into all Christian organizations for teaching and education, hospitals, etcetera.” Pray that this legislation doesn’t make it through parliament.

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