Story number 1 for 29 Aug 2001

By August 29, 2001

(India)–Topping the news, a potentially explosive situation is simmering in India after the country’s Prime Minister criticized the activities of Christian missionaries in the country. Mission agencies have expressed concern about the weekend statement since the Prime Minister is accusing some Christian missionaries of trying to force people to convert. Gospel Revival Ministries’ Cebu Rutsa (SUH-boo ROOT-sah) believes the remark could aggravate violence against Christians. “Our Prime Minister is trying to build up a relationship with other Hindus and we believe that he is behind it, encouraging some of the people to do as much damage as they could to the churches in India.” Rutsa says the work of evangelism needs prayer support. “No matter what, the persecution is coming out. We know that it is emanating everywhere, especially in India today. If we just pray for the Indian Christian to be strong in their faith, and live according to the Christian faith, that will be the greatest prayer support we can have.”

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