Story number 1 for 4 Jul 2001

By July 4, 2001

(Congo)–Topping the news, the humanitarian community is gradually resuming activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Grace Ministries International spokesman Sam Vinton, says relief work had been suspended since April 27th following the murder of six Red Cross staff members. “I’ve heard that the supplies are getting in. Much of this has to be done by plane since the roads are not accessible and the river traffic is back again in operation from Kinshasa up to Kisangani. They are opening that up so there are some good signs happening that will be helpful to the people.” Vinton says there are always dangers for humanitarian workers. Our prayers as Christians should not only be for safety but that their leaders will realize they are trying to help their people. “This will open up opportunity again for evangelism for the Gospel going forth because once these different organizations are able to drive through or to supply these people, it opens up the area for more freedom to get out with the Gospel and less fear of being attacked.”

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