Story number 1 for 6 Sep 2000

By September 6, 2000

Topping today’s news, Sri Lanka has a record number of candidates entering the political fray in what is feared to be a blood-splattered campaign. Poll-related violence has been on the rise since parliament was dissolved on August 18th. Trans World Radio’s Rich Green says Sri Lanka is high on their prayer list. “Sixty-two thousand people have been killed since 1983; I think it goes beyond just the fact that we have a major transmitting site in Sri Lanka, that broadcasts the Gospel into India. Our president is just deeply burdened that God brings peace to the people of Sri Lanka.” Green says there is more to consider: “Our role in the Great Commission in this part of the world is to use radio to help reach more than a billion people in another country. We certainly would ask that people would pray that God would permit our ministry to continue unabated and that people’s lives would be spared.”

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