Story number 2 for 11 Apr 2001

By April 11, 2001

(India)–Meanwhile, the Gospel is allowing the untouchable to be touchable again in the Hindu nation of India. Bibles for the World’s founder and President Rochunga Pudaite says they’re trying to reach that class of Hindu people in the New Deli region. “There are 300-million untouchable Hundus. So, we deputed three missionaries around new Deli there. We’re hoping to train thousands and thousands of men and women to become missionaries to these untouchable Hindus all across India.” Pudaite says more than 300 people have come to Christ in less than 18-months. He says they’re also sending Bibles. “They go hand in hand. We can’t just send the Bible and not win souls. Whenever we have mailed Bibles we see more people come to the Lord Jesus Christ.” Your gift of 10-dollars can send four Bibles to the lost in India. Call our resource line for more information.

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