Story number 2 for 12 Dec 2000

By December 12, 2000

We turn next to India where beneath a maneuvered impression of calm, there are descriptions of harsh persecution of believers. For security reasons, we won’t name this Christian agency, but they have workers on the ground who can confirm the whispered reports. We spoke with David who says, surprisingly, the oppression has had a catalyst effect. “Even though going through some difficult times because of the lack of freedom to worship Christ, we are seeing real growth take place among our various ministries. We have started new expansion works in two states that are considered closed, and I’m happy to say that the work is going very well there.” David asks that people pray: “…for those that make decisions for Christ, or who are considering making decisions for Christ, that they would be able to survive. Many of them are now paying an increasingly high cost to follow Christ.”

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