Story number 2 for 13 Apr 2001

By April 13, 2001

(Mexico)–Meanwhile, the rebel conflict in Mexico isn’t stopping evangelism in the troubled region of Chiapas. Francis Monge is with the Alberto Mottesi Evangelistic Association, who’s sharing the Gospel through evangelistic meetings there. Monge says the work isn’t easy. “Christians are tortured. Christians are killed. There’s just a lot of death over there. Alberto just came back from Chiapas. The stadiums were filled – packed with people. And, the response was tremendous.” Monge believes the incredible response to the Gospel will mean more churches. She says God has worked a miracle. “The government has actually given them a building. This is something incredible that is going to allow them to have a place where they can meet — where they can grow – where they’re going to be able to raise more churches over there and to reach out to the people.”

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