Story number 2 for 15 Nov 2002

By November 15, 2002

(India)–Elsewhere, a summit was held this week in Bombay between the 64 leaders of the lowest caste, the Dalits, and an evangelist. Bibles For The World’s Rochunga Pudaite says there’s a lot at stake. “This group has been trying to invent a new religion that is not Buddhist, Christian or Islam. They want to renounce Hinduism, but they have not been able to invent a new one. So, I’m going to meet with them, and I have met with them before, giving them what Jesus Christ can do for them.” There are some agencies that believe a mass religious exit is more political in nature than faith-based. Pudaite offers a counterpoint to that school of thought. “If this group decides to become Christian, a minimum of five million will be following them. So, it’s a very, very significant and very important meeting, and I need God to really anoint me afresh to talk to them.”

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