Story number 2 for 17 Jan 2002

By January 17, 2002

(Argentina)–Next, President Eduardo Duhalde’s vow to pull Argentina back from the brink of economic chaos may be the strongest test of his leadership. Appointed by Congress two weeks ago after riots forced out two of his predecessors, Duhalde said he had the muscle to prevent the “bloodbath” threatening Argentina. Evangelist Luis Palau gives us his take on what’s happening in his home country. “I think the possibility of a violent revolution on the streets is there, because the despair is increasing so enormously. I talked to clergy and they all said that donations, the giving to the local church is down to almost nothing.” However, Palau says the churches are meeting needs during the crisis. “The churches are doing deeds of love, by having soup kitchens, as they say in the States. It’s basically breakfast and a little tiny bit in the afternoon. At the same time, they are winning souls, they are very evangelistic and God is honoring.”

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