Story number 2 for 17 May 2001

By May 17, 2001

(Sudan)–Meanwhile, countries ruled by Islamic fundamentalist regimes and noted for open hostility towards Christianity rarely lay out a welcome mat for Christian ministries. However, when God made a way for Bibles to enter Sudan, a country making headlines most often for its grim human rights abuses, the World Bible Translation Center seized the opportunity. WBTC’s Roger Massey. “We’ve been able to distribute 17-thousand Bibles among church leaders. Many times these Bibles will be the only Bible available in a whole village. These were distributed free of charge.” Massey says that upon the Sudanese government’s nod to legally ship its Easy-to-Read English Bibles in, more doors opened. WBTC sent Bibles to a Christ For All Nations crusade in the nation’s capitol. “17-thousand copies in the Sudan is a drop in the bucket, but sometimes these Bibles will be the only Bible in that whole village, or whole extended family will have in their possession. When we’re able to do that for free, because of people’s sending us money to do that, it makes a huge difference.”

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