Story number 2 for 19 May 2003

By May 19, 2003

(India)–Meanwhile, increasing amounts of persecution against Christians is having a positive impact on evangelism in India. Sthyabal Vallab (SAH-tee-bahl vah-LAHB) is BCM International’s India director. “It is a blessing in disguise for us because it helps us to keep the church awake. The persecution is bringing the people to the realization that we need to know the Lord more seriously.” Vallab says as government leaders harass Christians, people are becoming more curious. Many are asking Christians about their faith. He says the violence isn’t stopping their Bible club program. “There are about 14,000 Bible clubs. We have about 25 to 30-percent of the children coming to Christ. We need, definitely, a lot of support to keep going so that their ministry would be a blessing without having to concentrate on their financial struggles.” Pray that funding will be available to help see the Bible Clubs expand. Pray too for the safety of their workers.

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