Story number 2 for 2 Jan 2002

By January 2, 2002

(Angola)–Next, Angola has officially ratified the Algiers Convention. The move is aimed at fighting terrorism in the international community. The instability brought by Angola’s years of war still menaces their peace and security. However, American Leprosy Mission’s Chris Doyle says things are changing for the better. “That’s one of our major concentrations in Africa. There’s some exciting things happening there. Because of the war situation there, there’s still some areas of Angola that are inaccessible. But, the areas that are accessible, we continue to work there, partner with churches who are willing to set up clinics and run case detection programs, finding and treating people with leprosy.” Doyle says their partnerships with churches help share the hope of the Gospel, adding expansion is likely. “There’s some areas in the Eastern part of Angola that are now open because the government military has taken control of those areas, so, we’re able to go back in there and bring in the programs.”

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