Story number 2 for 27 Jan 2000

By January 27, 2000

Next, despite the government shake-up in Sudan it’s not affecting the work of
SIM International. That’s the word from SIM’s Ron Frazee. “SIM has retained a
presence in the north in the capitol of Khartoum. Through the darkest hours SIM has
remained there and the government of Sudan has allowed a small contingent of SIM
missionaries to remain there. And, there are quite a few ministries going on. They’re
legitimate. The government knows about them.” Frazee says SIM helps 93 existing
congregations and 108 developing churches. He says they also have prison, street
children, and refugee ministries. Frazee tells us why SIM is allowed to stay. “Obviously
it is a government that favors Islam. Still, they are happy for the missionaries to be there
and realize that the missionaries are helping with relief programs, resettlement, and
other programs that are very beneficial to the society at large.”

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