Story number 1 for 27 Jan 2000

By January 27, 2000

Topping today’s news ministry leaders in Sudan have mixed reviews of the
government upheaval there. The Bridge International’s R-K Ulrich says they are
working among the refugees in Uganda and those returning to Southern Sudan. She
says the Muslim government has been trying to stamp out Christianity in the south. She
says she’s concerned violence will resume. “There’s always a risk to be taken in a
country like that. Because people go in and they rebuild. If the government makes the
decision that they become a more hard line government again, they may come back
again and raid the whole area and pull the people out again.” Ulrich says they’re
equipping pastors to be leaders. “As they go in, instead of it being the chief that is doing
magic and witchcraft, the chief is the pastor who gives the good news of the Gospel.
So we have helped finance some educational programs, carpentry tools and wood
work, setting up some Bible Schools.”

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