Story number 2 for 3 Aug 2001

By August 3, 2001

(India) — Meanwhile, Christian humanitarian groups are facing a different challenge in India. Food for the Hungry‘s Dwight Vogt says they’re trying to help the lower cast and untouchables of society out of poverty. However, Vogt says that’s not setting well with others in the Indian culture. “The higher cast views them changing and developing as a threat to their own livelihood. So, that’s something we need to be praying about.” According to Vogt, Christian development agencies will also be key in providing spiritual guidance. He says there’s something big scheduled to take place in the fall. “I’ve just gotten word that there’s a major possible conversion in October that this one low cast group is talking about because they want to get out of Hinduism. And, they’re looking at Buddhism and their looking at Christianity and saying, we need a new life. Whatever their motive it’s an opportunity for the church.”

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