Story number 2 for 5 Mar 2002

By March 5, 2002

(Myanmar)–Next, expansion of the church is taking place in Myanmar, but not without a price. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannon says 500 churches have been planted in the last few years, however, persecution against Christians has also increased. “It is not a Democratic government. The military government is still in control and our brothers face opposition. Just recently, 60 new believers, who just came out of Buddhism, who came into Christian faith; they were baptized. The village chief asked them to leave the community. And, they had to leave their belongings – everything and walk away from the place.” However, Yohannan says despite this oppression, theological education is going well. “We have about 300 students studying at the Bible college and this year they graduated 74 missionaries and all of them (are) going to unreached areas believing that they will plant a church.” Funding to build church buildings in Myanmar is a great need right now.

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