Story number 3 for 13 Feb 2002

By February 13, 2002

(India)–The poorest of the poor in India are hearing and seeing the Gospel and they’re responding. Dayspring International has produced the story of Christ in a film they call “Dayasagar” meaning “Oceans of Mercy” in Hindi. Dayspring’s President, John Gilman, says the film speaks volumes. “With a caste system, it’s been hard for these poorest of people to even imagine that they could be set free. But, our film shows Jesus setting people free because he embraces the untouchables. They are taught from birth that God hates them. That’s why they’re born in the low caste.” Because the low caste Dalits renounced their Hindu faith in November, Gilman believes the film can effectively reach them. However, he says more money is needed for film teams. “You can sponsor a film team with all the equipment and help the team to operate for a full year for about $9,500. You can equip a team with equipment for about $4,500.”

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