Story number 3 for 17 May 2002

By May 17, 2002

(South Africa)–Africa is at a crossroads, culturally, spiritually and physically. The scale of poverty and suffering on the continent is daunting. In countries like South Africa, the tragedy is compounded by the AIDS devastation. Walk through the Bible’s Terry Sparks details how they’ve responded to the crisis. “Last year, we introduced a course called ‘Hope for Africa’, which is God’s answer for AIDS, and it’s had enormous positive effect throughout Africa.” Sparks says that set the stage for their newest launch in South Africa. A conference was held the first week of May to help equip church leaders for evangelistic outreach and ministry in this country. “We’re praying that it will be a turning point. The conference was called ‘Turn the Tide’ and we would pray that it would be a turning point for Africa, and really, all of southern Africa as the message goes out regionally.” Walk Thru the Bible adds to the spiritual growth of Christians worldwide through Bible teaching, tools and training.

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