Story number 3 for 2 Apr 2001

By April 2, 2001

(USA)–A global network of Christians are working together to proclaim the Gospel among East Asia`s peoples. Missionary Hudson Taylor started the network, now known as OMF International, 130 years ago. Today, OMF is working to start a biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia. OMF’s Mark Bradley. “The first step is to identify who they are and who we think the Lord is taking us to. The second step is to figure out what we have to offer. It’s through building those relationships that we then have the opportunity to present Jesus, to introduce people to the One who has good news.” Bradley explains how they are able to make those introductions. “OMF is primarily a long-term focused organization. We go in to identify, culturally, with people. We learn languages, we learn cultures. We serve in whatever capacity we can, and in some cases that’s in things like felt needs that we try and ministry to.”

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