Story number 3 for 24 Jun 2003

By June 24, 2003

(International)–Despite word of Kazakhstan’s resistance to the Gospel, the irony is that an evangelistic ministry plans to grow from that country. Global Advance’s David Shibley says they’re keeping pace with the growing availability of technology in Second and Third World countries. “We’re launching what we believe is the first ever telecast directed especially to pastors in Europe and the Middle East. It will be called the ‘frontline shepherd’s conference of the air’. It launches in July. And then also, a new training website, especially developed for pastoral leaders in the developing nations of the world.” Further, the expansion is a logical step, Shibley says, given the spiritual atmosphere. “I believe that as the volatile situation in the world becomes ever more dangerous, that we look at more creative ways to continue to partner with our brothers and sisters on the frontlines of the advance of the Gospel around the world.”

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