Story number 3 for 26 Jun 2002

By June 26, 2002

(Bolivia)–Operation Blessing and a team of volunteers will take off on July 6th for a two-week medical mission to the city of Trinidad, Bolivia. Six-and-a-half tons of equipment, medicines, and supplies have already been sent in anticipation meeting needs. Operation Blessing’s Dick Kohl. “We’re going to Bolivia because, number one the need that is in Bolivia; we were there several years ago with the Flying Hospital and we’re going back because we knew that there was a continuing need, and because, as I indicated, the first lady had invited us. We also are going in the name of the Lord and we hope to be able to share the Gospel and have an opportunity to connect with people and tell them about the Lord.” Kohl says over the course of their project, they will see between six and eight thousand patients. He asks for prayer support for the team. “I think the first thing that we need to pray for is that the team will be healthy; that they will not get sick; that they won’t have any difficulty. We would ask that one soul would come into the kingdom as the result of our work; then, we would consider this a successful mission.”

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