Story number 3 for 4 Apr 2001

By April 4, 2001

(Philippines)–Christians In Action Mission International is asking people to help as they reach out to the needy in the Philippines. Christians In Action’s Doug Sutherland says beginning April 23rd, 100 people will be helping them conduct their annual medical outreach in the Central part of the country. “We get people from Okinawa, Japan who are mainly U-S military personnel or dependants, people from the United States and Canada, and then volunteers from the Philippines. And, the main purpose of the mission is evangelism. We use medical mission as a means to share the Gospel with every individual that we reach.” Sutherland describes some of their needs. “We need people to stand behind us in prayer for folks hearts to be open. We are in desperate need for funds for medicines. We’re going to have to purchase about $15,000 worth of medicines in the Philippines. And, that’s added to what we have had donated here in the United States.”

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