Story number 3 for 4 Nov 2002

By November 4, 2002

(USA)–Addictive behaviors are plaguing young people worldwide, raising concerns about what shape the global future may take. Book of Hope’s Bob Hoskins says their partnership with Teen Challenge is getting notice and respect. “The government is anxious for any help they can get. So, what our alliance does is it’s a Teen Challenge Book of Hope that actually deals with the problems of drugs and addiction and the dangers. It has exciting testimonies from people around the world who have found deliverance and new hope through faith in Christ.” Hoskins believes there is much to gain from this partnership. “This special Teen Challenge book will open doors for us in schools perhaps, that otherwise might be reluctant to have the Scripture distributed there. Because of the need, and because of the power of the book, and because of the reputation of Teen Challenge, it’s just going to open a lot of new doors around the world.”

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