Story number 4 for 13 Jan 2000

By January 13, 2000

Next, Trans World Radio is celebrating a major broadcast milestone. TWR’s
Richard Greene says they are now broadcasting over 14-hundred hours of Christian
programming each week in 155 languages. “This is a major milestone for us because
every new language which we add to our broadcast schedule that means somewhere,
someone in the world is able to listen to the good news of Christ in their own language,
one that they can understand. And so we are very excited.” Bible teaching programs
are aired from 13 primary transmitting sites worldwide, by satellite networks, over
local stations and via the Internet. Greene says they expect their growth to continue.
“Each region has a goal to add new languages so that more people can be brought into
a personal relationship with Christ. And so those languages are especially in areas of
the 1040 window.”

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